cerramientos de cristal


Natural light and silence take part together in libraries thanks to skylights or glass roofs.

Libraries are one of the places where natural light is essential to create warm areas.  It also helps to the person to concentrate and to improve the efficiency.   This is one of the reason why skylights are frequent in this kind of places.  European skylights companies are created to respect the environment and to get important energetic savings in electricity.

This time we have built eight single slope skylights in Ponferrada, León, (Spain).  These glass roofs have  40 m2. each one, with a total area of 300 m2.

cerramientos de cristal

european skylights companies



The double glazing is composed by a 6mm. templated glass, chamber of air of 12 mm. and laminated glass (4+4) low-e.  A glass low-e has the object of reducing the heat loss through skylights.