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Natural light enters in your home thanks to pyramid glass skylights, elegant shapes in glass roofs.

Pyramid glass skylights are the perfect solution to create natural light in aestetic  and energetic constructions. The offices, the place where we are many hours a day, need natural light.  Skylights are the perfect combination for the company to get an important energetic saving.  In Madrid, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Lucerglass has make and build a pyramid glass skylight with aluminium profiles of Hiberlux trade mark. The double glazing is composed of a control glass. chamber of air and a laminated glass.

pyramid glass skylights

pyramid glass skylights







Another place where pyramid glass skylights can be installed are the hotels.  It gives confort and elegance because of natural light and the shape of the skylight. The last pyramid glass skylight built is in Hotel Catedral de Granada (Spain).

The measures of the glass roof are of 20 m2. Aluminium profiles are also Hiberlux trademark.  In this project there are fixed blade louvers of 1m. height lacquered in the same colour that the rest of the profiles.

pyramid glass skylights