lucernario un agua Gante


Natural light for the elderly in a residence in Gante (Belgium)

Skylights are the best solution in a residence for the elderly where memories and silence are part of  space.  That’s the reason why it is essential to find that space where natural light iluminate the darkest areas.  In this occasion, a single sloped glass roof of 350 m2 is the solution.

single sloped glass roof

This single sloped glass roof is made of 132 glasses.  For the execution it is planned to place a fireproof steel structure IE60.  On this structure the HIBERLUX  aluminium system is placed.

The double glazing is formed by a HALIO glass 6+6.4, chamber of air 16 mm. and laminated glass  4+4.2.  We are talking about an intelligent glass that allows to darken glass by 95% in the hours of maximum sunlight. In fact it has been necessary to develop an special profile of 110 mm.