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Lucerglass has built a walk on glass skylight of 25 square meters for the Bank of March in Madrid.

This project is located in Núñez de Balboa Street, in Madrid (Spain).  Lucerglass, that meets all the technical requirements, has been the company engaged in building a 25 m2 walk on glass skylight for the Bank of March. As usual, our achievement is to introduce natural light inside the building to get the elegance and the class necessary in this kind of establishment.

For the assembly, a galvanized iron structure together with high quality materials have given resistance and durability to the glassroof.  Aluminium profiles are Hiberlux brand.

walk on glass skylight
Banca March exterior

walk on glass skylight






This walk on glass skylight has all  the quality certifications obliged by the Project Executive Management. People are the most important for us, their security and their confort.

The glazing is formed by 36 vision glass and 30 translucent glass. The composition is a double glazing with a laminated glass (8+8) anti slip, chamber of air of 16 mm. and a laminated glass (4+4).

For total reassurance of greater and security, this glass ensures people can be protected from personal injury. At the same time, this glass is used to protect building’s occupants from from any  Our technical department is expert in protection and security.